MYNTWAVE is an inter-disciplinary Art & Design studio serving as a medium for self-expression and expansion.

founded in 2020 by Tylo May.

We are World Builders.


Architects of feeling and emotion.

Artistic directors of the present moment.

Consciously scripting our future through 
Thought + Action.

Vision + Intention

Art + Purpose

We move on what moves us.
We recognize the power of our imagination.
We pay close attention to the feelings and activities that excite our being.

Fully immersing ourselves into states of unlimited flow, childlike curiousity, and exploration.
Synchronizing the divine feminine and masculine energies in and around us.

Diving into the waves of experience.
  Swimming through infinity.

Finding ourselves in the space between.
When everything fades away.



A  basic formula for creative writing and reality design. 

Experience > Express > Expand
Image > Word > World
Imagine > Create > Share

MYNT - Medium Yielding New Timelines

A reminder of the natural balance of forces present within this dimension. An ode to the journey up and down the ladder of lights.  

WAVE - Where All Variables Exist